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Well has been supplying to the automotive sector for more than 2 decades! In addition to being the oldest in the industry, we have no incident of line stoppage or quality issues in the entire time of supply.

Quality and Consistency is at the core of everything we do here and it is no wonder that most OEM’s in India have us as the preferred supplier with maximum share of business. Our plants follow all environmental and technical standards set by the American and European Auto Industry and are approved for supply to various countries across the world.

Well has warehouses close to its customers, like in Pune, Gurgaon and Chennai, where we stock materials for up to a month’s scheduled supply. This makes it easier for us to make just in time deliveries and take the pressure off our clients over stocking material. Moreover, customers also benefit from our two manufacturing locations, as they save on transport cost and can be sure of supplies even in force majeure incidents.

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